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Butt Shape Question of the Week from Roxy

"I am a size zero and am pretty curve-less. What do I have to eat and what exercises would most likely [have] a greater affect on getting a bigger butt?"




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A Bigger, Better-Looking Butt Fast!

While many people are trying to obtain small, slender butts like those shown on the left, 99% of the visitors to this page are going to be much more interested in the butts on the right. Big, round and firm. You may not believe it now, but you can have one of these in a matter of months if you follow the correct plan.

Maybe you're among the 1% who got here after using a search term like big butt because you believe your butt is too big; or perhaps your butt is wide and unshapely. If so, read this article about how to get a smaller butt.

Is It Really Possible to Change the Shape of Your Butt?

YES: Robert Kennedy [late publisher of Oxygen Magazine] wrote...

"You can build a rounded rear end that will be so beautifully shaped and curved that even in clothes, its perfection will be noticed by those lightning glances from women or those lingering stares from men."

Many of the questions we get tell us that the visitor thinks that there's nothing that can be done -- that their butt is doomed to eternal flatness. With enough motivation [commitment], there is no doubt a flat butt can be firmed up and rounded out.

Jessica Had a Flat Butt

Clearly, the producers of "The Dukes of Hazzard" 2005 movie believed that a round butt could be built; otherwise they would never have cast Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke.

...preparing to squeeze into Daisy Duke's hot pants for the big-screen remake of "The Dukes of Hazzard",... [Jessica] Simpson said she's now spending two and a half hours a day to get her butt in gear.

"I'm trying to get my butt perky, and I'm trying to actually get a butt," she said. "I have a white-girl bootie, so I'm doing all my squats to lift it a little bit and get some junk in my trunk."
[from an Oct, 2004 MTV Article]

We don't know what specific workout regimen she used, but she has publicly reported that she spent 253 days going from her before butt shape to her after butt shape.

We Have Good News!

A big, round, firm buttGetting some trunk junk can be accomplished in much less than 253 days using the techniques in "Gluteus to the Maximus." You won't need to spend 2 and a half hours a day either. A lite version of Gluteus for Windows users is available (for free) through the link at the bottom of this page.

The download describes the causes of small, flat butts and why some of the exercises you have done in the past did not work; it includes example exercises and link to the full version of Gluteus to the Maximus.

Important Note: This Free Version WILL NOT get you the bigger butt you may be looking for! It just illustrates what the Maximus Gluteus program looks like.

In fact, you can exercise and eat your way to a bigger, firmer, rounder butt. But you have to do it right! Gluteus to the Maximus will show you how.

From Gluteus to the Maximus Full Version

The full version of Gluteus to the Maximus is an easy-to-follow training manual that describes exactly what needs to be done to get the necessary amount of meat and muscle in the right places on your rear end. We strongly recommend that you download the lite version offered here first, and read the section entitiled "Why Butts Stay Small."

Why Butts Stay Small describes the six (6) factors that lead to a small butt. Some of these, you may know absolutely nothing about. Of these six factors, you can do something about five of them, which is more than enough to get you the bigger, firmer butt you seek.



Daily Specialization describes a supplemental program that requires a few minutes a day that helps your targeted body part (butt) adapt to challenges by getting bigger and stronger.

Bigger Butt Exercises

The Bench Step One-Legged Squat is illustrated, along with two variations for different days of the week. In this section, the author demonstrates the exercise and gives tricks - including how to add resistance for greater effect. Special equipment or home gym is NOT required.

Gain Weight If Necessary

One of the questions we receive frequently is something like "...how do I gain weight. ...I've tried everything." Well, one thing you do not want to do is to try to gain weight by eating more cheeseburgers and/or potato chips.

An article on BodyBuilding.com describes the qualities of high-protein weight gaining supplements, including a list of the Top 5 Weight Gain products. Many "hardgainers" (people who have great difficulty gaining weight) have be shocked by their resulting weight and muscle gain.

Overlooked Key to a Bigger Butt

One of the most important keys to building a bigger butt is missing from most glute training programs. You can train your glutes till you're blue in the face, but if you don't get this right, you won't get the best results possible. Download the ebook from the link below to learn what this key is.

Download "Gluteus Lite" now. This is a free download. No payment or email address is required. Just unzip to your hard drive and double-click on bigger-butt.exe. If you don't have a Windows PC, or if you don't want to download anything, click here for more information.

If you know someone else who is not satisfied with her (or his) small, flat butt, share this download link.

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Butt Shape's (Short) Answer for Roxy

Roxy, you are going to need to consume more protein and put some resistance against your glutes. Walking up hills, stairs, elliptical workouts, weights & bands.




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